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Told by a 35 year veteran of the energy field, “A Post-Fukushima World: America's New Energy Landscape,” presents the world of energy production with clarity, data, and realistic solutions to the great problem of the age: energy.



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  • Mort Lumberman

    Mort Lumberman

    Mort Lumberman grew up in Quebec City, where he studied engineering, medicine and law. After 48 patents, 2 PHDs and a short stint on a local soap opera, Mort finally decided to return to his roots as a family doctor and to his love of drawing.

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Dr. Q
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Send A Letter Campaign!

Featured Books

  • A Post Fukushima World:

    A Post Fukushima World:

    America's New Energy Landscape

    F. Gautschi


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  • F. Gautschi

    So Mr. Gautschi, why write this book?

    During my whole career I was puzzled when meeting intelligent well-educated people outside of my field to discovered how unfamiliar the majority of them were with the subject of energy. I felt there was no easy to read energy guide- that I was aware of- and which I could recommend to provide an overview of the subject.

  • The Unintended Column

    And now for a short story
    by Julie Xlo

    The Beginning and the End of the World

    There is a bang.

    It’s Sandeep’s engine exploding into life and expelling the soot of an ancient engine that hasn’t been serviced since the 1980’s. He gets into his small Lada, backs out of the corner and heads to work. In his hurry he forgets that his briefcase was on the car’s roof and sees the leather case being run over by a truck in his rearview mirror. Fifty five pages of his novel fly into the air.


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